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battle the elements

All-Season headwear to


the riff difference

RIFF Headgear offers Outdoor Protection, Comfort & Utility for the Most Important Part of your Body - the Head. Experience an All-Season Outer Layer that Protects against Harmful UV Rays, Bugs, Wind, Heat & Cold

UPF 30+

Patented Double-Layered Design Allows the Head to Stay Comfortable while offering Unparalleled Sun Protection

Face Shield

Easily Access your face for drinks, snacks or photos with the Removable Face Shield, secured by four ultra-strong Rare Earth Magnets

Cool Vents

Discreet Shapeable Air Vents allow Fresh Air to circulate through the RIFF, so you never feel like you're in a mask.



Weighing in at just 8 oz, the RIFF offers All-Day, Non-Intrusive Wearability, so Light you'll forget you're wearing it


RIFF's patented Double-Layered Design insulates against the Elements on the outside and keeps the head Comfortable inside


D-Ring Clips, a Rigid Brim & Adjustable Bungees for a perfect fit ensure you can RIFF your way all day.


Built To

battle the elements

RIFF Headgear is perfect for any outdoor pursuit. The secret is the unique patented double-layered design. The internal mesh layer retains comfort and breathability while the outer poly-blend layer acts as a shell against exterior weather, whether hot or cold. Keep your head in comfortable conditions no matter the environment.



For us, "Life in the Sun" is much more than just a tagline: it's a philosophy. It represents a way of life for everyone who works and plays outdoors. Our goal at Riff is to create sun-protective headgear that is comfortable, practical and effective, ensuring safety and peace of mind for all those who spend their lives outdoors and wouldn't have it any other way. We truly believe that the Riff can change the lives of anglers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts and professionals for the better, and we're so excited to share it with you.

riff in action

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